We're Open...Kind Of!

We are now offering same-day ordering for curbside takeout, featuring some of our most popular cookie flavors. We are also serving milk, ice cream, and cold brew coffee. Come on by!

Hours: Tues - Sun 11am-4pm


Ice Cream


Cookie Baking Kits!


Cold Drinks

Whoa! It's the Milk Jar Cookies Bakebook!

Courtney wrote a cookbook, and it's coming out October 2020! It features recipes for all your favorite Milk Jar Cookies, as well as more fun desserts from the founder of your favorite cookie shop.

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  • Milk Jar Hearts LA

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Milk Jar Hearts LA

Milk Jar Hearts LA

Milk Jar Hearts LA

Milk Jar Hearts LA

Baking with Courtney Coming Soon!

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